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Welcome to the home of the Knights Templar Wiki pages.

These pages will contain information on kin information, crafting, gameplay guides and other information.  These pages will be updated and added to continually.  Although we will highlight major developments within the Wiki on the homepage, we suggest you visit these pages regularly.

Any ideas or suggestions for content of these pages, please feel free to contact and Officer.

  1. Roles for Group Play
  2. Etiquette for Grouping
  3. MMO-English dictionary (new)
  4. Gear and Virtues for Raiding
  5. Technical (new)
  6. Raiding Checklist
  7. Class Abilities
  8. Crafting (partially outdated)
  9. Training School (old guide)
  10. Kin Information (outdated)
  11. Stats and what they do