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·  You have enough time to participate in the raid without making people wait for you because of unnecessary breaks

· Uou have installed and set up Ventrillo/Teamspeak

· You have read a raid guide for the encounter if you are not familiar with it (not mandatory, but recommended)

· You are traited suitably for grouping

· You have the following items with you:

o   High level Morale and power pots (20+ pcs)

o   +5 hope tokens

o   High level battle & warding scrolls

o   Stacks of all kind of anti-debuff pots (wound, poison, fear, disease)

o   Trail food for you main stat and/or vitality

o   Fortifying food (boost resistance, not mandatory, but recommended)

o    Cooked food (boost icpr & icmr, not mandatory, but recommended)

o   Class consumables (like hunter oils, shield-spikes, burglar marbles etc.)

· You have repaired your gear

· You have done necessary prequests/deeds to enter