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Some words, expressions and abbreviations commonly used in raiding and what they mean:

Mob that is spawned or otherwise joins a already started fight.

This term is short for "aggression" and it generally refers to the current attention of a mob. Whoever "has aggro" is the person currently being attacked by a NPC.

"Aggro Management"
This is the process of maintaining hate or threat or aggression levels so you control who a mob is attacking. Usually this means making sure the mob's is attacking the tank and not squishier targets like healers.

Abilities that affect an area, there is several types,
Frontal AoE, an ability that in front of the player or NPC, usually in a 180 degrees arc, but lesser is also used. Full AoE, an ability that affect everyone within a certain range of a player or NPC
Placed AoE, an ability you place on the floor. This is often applied when a timed effect on you expires (either wound, poison, fear or an eye-icon above your characters head).

Short for Biological Break, that person needs a short break to go to the loo.

Boss is a harder version of mob, it usually takes a coordinated assault to take this one down, he usually have a lot of abilities that the players have to learn to deal with.

Short term effect that’s beneficial.

Crowd Control, Anything that keeps one or several mobs busy while fighting, also a Role.

"Critical Hit"
Critical hits are hits that do bonus damage due to the fact that they have hit a vulnerable spot. Characters often have "critical hit rating" or "critical chance" which is their percent chance to deal a critical hit. Critical hits are generally very important for PvP as they deliver potent, much needed burst damage.  Also monsters have a change to critically hit players, which can be reduced by either debuffs or critical hit defence rating.

“CJ” aka “FM”
Conjunction or fellowship maneuver. A special group attack that you contribute to by selecting one of the 4 colors. Combinations of colors form unique attacks with various effects.

A buff on the monsters that can be removed by special skills. Typically boosts enemies’ damage or defenses or unlocks special skills for them.

it’s the opposite of a buff, an temporary effect thats bad for you or someone else.

Damage over Time. This refers to an effect that deals damage in some portion smaller than the whole periodically. For example, a 50 damage DoT that was applied every 4 seconds for 40 seconds would deal a total of 500 damage (or 550 if it applied a tick of damage immediately as well at the end).

Damage Per Second. The basic concept of DPS is simply a calculation of damage done per second. The term is also often used to refer to a certain type of class or player - someone playing a DPS class/character. A DPS class is a class designed with the primary role of dealing damage. DPS classes generally do not provide tanking, healing, or other significant forms of utility

"Experience Points" also referred as "XP"
One of the most common methods of representing your character's "learning" is through the awarding of experience points. When you earn enough experience points, you either gain a level or you can spend the points on training.

Heal over Time. Powers of this type do not heal you all at once. Instead they apply some amount of healing periodically. For example, a HoT may heal you for 100 points of health every 10 seconds for a total of 10 ticks. That would mean 1000 health healed over 100 seconds.

NPC is any characters or monsters thats not controlled by a player

Mob, any hostile character thats not controlled by a player.

The act of attacking or aggroing a specific mob and causing it to leave its current location and run to a more convenient or practical location. The main reason for pulling a mob away from its location is to avoid "aggroing" additional mobs you do not want to fight yet.

Raid assist target. A person in a group whose job is to choose which enemy the group is attacking. Rat’s target is shown as a box on the screen if corresponding option is activated. Rest of the group usually attacks the same target as rat.


This word was originally an FPS term but it has made its way into MMOs. Usually when you die you are given the option to re-appear at some location - either a nearby graveyard, a bind point, or some other spawn point. Dying and respawning usually carries some kind of penalty - lost experience, lost levels, damage to gear, etc.

"Resurrect" also "Res" or "Rez"
Resurrection is the ability of some players to bring a fallen player back to life. This is generally done so they do not have to respawn to some location far away.

This generally refers to an ability (usually possessed by tanks) that allows one player to immediately get aggro or the attention of an opponent mob/npc/boss.

Threat is a hidden value, usually the one with the highest threat is the one that has aggro. This can be influenced with abilities, buffs and talents.