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Gear and Virtues for Raiding

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General question among beginner raiders is if my gear is good enough. Gear requirements vary greatly by instance but as a general rule, everyone should have at least a class armor set gained from running level cap content, max level 2nd age legendary items and max level jewelry (either crafted, reputation or instance drops).

The following covers what I consider ‘raid ready’ gear for Rohan expansion content (lvl 85). Please note that lesser gear might be ok if rest of the group is well geared and experienced and that values aren’t absolute truths.  Especially some t1 raids can be entered with worse gear than listed here.

All trait and virtue slots opened and (almost) all class deeds completed

-Hytbold/BG/Erebor/PvP (lvl 85) armour set(s)

o   Check if you're taking full advantage of the set bonuses. Usually it's best to run with 4+2 or 2+2+2 pieces from different sets to maximize bonuses

o   Golden crafted/instance drop armour pieces are fine ofc. Sometimes teals too, but consider carefully if those are worth loosing the set bonuses.

-Level 85 2nd age legendary items

o   With lvl 65 extraordinary relics at minimum. Llv 70, 70 & 80 ones depending on stats and what you can afford (note that relics & shards are easy to get). 

o   Item lvl 70

o   Good legacies with high tiers (empowerment scrolls)

o   Preferably 3 starlit crystals used on your main item (weapon for dpsers, book/runesatchel for healers etc)

o   Lower lvl 2nd or 1st ager item (or 3rd ager lvl 85 for some) ok for the following: minstrel healing weapon, minstrel dps book, rune-keeper healing rune, rune-keeper dps satchel, champion rune, burglar tools, hunter melee weapon.

-Level  75 jewelry with class appropriate stats

o   Generally crafted, reputation (Wildermore teals) skirmish raid drops or teal/golden drops from lvl cap instances

-Suitable virtues at rank 14-16 (mitigations, morale, resistances, your main stat or fate)

-Gear leading to:

o   Main stat (depends on class) at ca. 2200+

o   7k+ morale for non-tanks, 16k+ for tanks

o   Enough fate, icpr and/or power to keep up your skill rotations on your own for most of the time (in combination with potions and power restore skills)

o   High avoidances for tanks

o   As high tactical mitigation as possible without sacrificing other factors too much

o   No less than 15-18% critical hit rating for dpsers

o   Some critical defence if easily available



The whole virtue system was changed greatly with Isengard expansion. Nowadays this result in same (or almost same) virtues being the best choices for all classes.

General guideline would be to have virtues for mitigations, resistances and morale. Tactical mitigation is most valuable due to current instance design. Stat boosting virtues have greatly lost their value as 40ish stat increase is just minimal with typical 2200+ of the main stat.

Virtues I think every class should have leveled to at last 2 ranks below the maximum (cap is 16 currently):

-Fidelity & Tolerance - for tactical mitigation (important for everyone except will classes who get lots of mitigation from will)
-Innocence & Compassion -for physical mitigation (less important for ranged classes)
-Charity & Honour - For resistance (useful for places with lots of potable effects like Roots of Fangorn, resistance also increases the change of avoiding tactical attacks)
-Zeal & possibly Valour - for morale (especially for classes with low morale pools)Zeal & possibly Valour - for morale (especially for classes with low morale pools)
-Possibly Idealism for fate or A virtue for your main stat (Discipline, Wisdom or Determination)

Having all these leveled allows you to choose the best virtues based on the instance or raid you are doing. If you don’t like doing deeds, I would recommend you to at least level up Fidelity, Tolerance, Zeal and either Charity or Honour for a good mix that increases your survivability greatly in raids.