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Etiquette for grouping

Most obvious thing to remember when grouping with others is that every other player there is a human, so treat them like that. Avoid unnecessary swearing, insults etc. While chatting, it’s also advisable to avoid controversial topics. Raiding requires concentration so try to avoid chit chat while the fight is underway unless the group is comfortable with it.

Come to the raid prepared, both in game and in real life. Try to avoid unnecessary breaks while raiding - it’s 11 other people you make wait for you. In game preparations mean that you come to the raid with necessary consumables like potions and food and are traited suitably for the encounter. Every member of the raid should bring some hope tokens and battle & warding scrolls and be prepared to use them when asked.

A raid leader is the boss - keep quiet when he’s explaining this and don’t argue with him. Viable suggestions for strategies are of course welcome if the group is having problems beating an encounter.

Don't loot while there is a fight still going on, it won’t make things go any faster anyways and adds to the confusion and stress. When the group has killed a boss, let the leader loot the boss and chests. Don’t roll for items that aren’t usable by your class (like shield for burglars or heavy armor for hunters) or that don’t have stats suitable for your class (e.g. hunter shouldn’t roll for gear with might).

Loot rules vary by group, but for raiding it’s a common practice to use master looter. This means the leader links items in chat and you use the /roll command if you want the item. Some groups have restrictions for how many items you can get etc. - It is best to ask the leader about these.

Note and be prepared to that you might be required (either by the leader or by instance design) to retrait multiple times during the raid. This is normal to ensure completion of the encounter and you shouldn’t be offended by it.

It is also strongly encouraged to check your traits before each boss fight and swap out useless ones. Let me give few examples of ‘useless’ trait builds in some situations (others do exist too, this is just to illustrate what I mean):
A) Lm traited for group wound removal in a fight without any wounds
B) Generally anyone with CC traits in a boss fight (this naturally changes if boss has adds that need to be cced)
C) Tank traited mainly for aoe threat in a fight with only one mob (boss)
D) Traits for aoe damage (like more targets) in a fight with only one mob (boss)
E) Burglar traited for anything CJ related in fight with CJ immune boss
F) Most stealth related traits in boss fights (you can't enter stealth during the fight)
G) Any traits for skills you can’t/won’t use in a fight (because of boss mechanics or your role)

The purpose of this list is not to tell what is wrong, but to notify that inadvertent traiting can mean unnecessary lack in group performance due to inability to trait actually useful traits instead. There are of course situations where the mentioned ‘useless’ traits might be ok too like if they are needed to get certain trait bonus or if they have valuable secondary effects. Also if you’re dealing with a relatively easy encounter the group is comfortable with it might be rational to stick to the traits you have to save time, but with harder raids, it’s best to trait separately for each fight.